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Important notes:
  • Summer timetable 2018
    Summer timetable 2018 is valid from 25.03.2018 until 27.10.2018.
  • Tickets
    The ticktes for the AirportBus are only available by the coach driver, payable in cash.
  • Reservation
    • The reservation is only needed for groups of 5 persons or more.
    • You may conviently make your reservation online: Reservierung
  • Bus stations
  • Timetable for public holidays
    The AirportBus operates strictly after the plan of the respective weekday. Exceptions are mentioned directly in the timetable.
    There is no extra timetable for public holidays!.
  • Pets, bicycles and other sports equipement
    have to be announced for the AirportBus transfer (+49 (0)761 500 500) and cost the fare of childrens.
  • Standard business conditions (AGB)
    With using the AirportBusses you accept our standard business conditions: AGB.

We can be reached:

(Central European Time)
  • Mo to Fr:
    8:00am - 6:00pm
  • Sa and Su:
    8:00am - 2:00pm
  • Public holidays: